Pesticide and Biocides Service

Pesticide and Biocides Service

Pesticides and biocides are essential substances used to control pests, including insects, weeds, fungi, and bacteria, in various settings such as agriculture, public health, and industrial applications. They play a crucial role in protecting crops, preventing the spread of diseases, and ensuring public safety.

Protheragen-ING Lab offers comprehensive pesticide and fungicide services to ensure the safety and compliance of your products while minimizing risks to human health and the environment. Our team of experienced professionals utilizes advanced analytical techniques and industry standard protocols to deliver accurate and reliable results.

Fig.1 Pesticide and Biocides Service

Protheragen-ING Lab's main services

Protheragen-ING Lab strives to provide exceptional service, timely responses, and effective solutions that exceed your expectations. Our goal is to build long-term relationships based on trust and mutual success.

This service is especially important for manufacturers seeking to register their products or maintain regulatory compliance. Our experts will thoroughly test five representative batches of your product, analyzing various parameters to ensure compliance and identify any potential variations.

Find out more about our solutions

  • Toxicology Studies
    Protheragen-ING Lab conducts a range of toxicological evaluations, including acute toxicity testing, chronic toxicity studies, mutagenicity testing, and ecotoxicity assessments. By conducting these studies, we can help you understand potential hazards and develop risk reduction strategies.
  • Efficacy Testing
    Protheragen-ING Lab designs and conducts efficacy studies according to internationally recognized protocols. We offer a wide range of efficacy testing services, including insecticidal, fungicidal, herbicidal, and antimicrobial efficacy assessments. Our rigorous testing programs provide you with reliable data to support product claims and registrations.
  • Regulatory Compliance Support
    Dealing with complex pesticide and fungicide regulations can be challenging. Our regulatory compliance support services help you understand and comply with regulatory requirements in your target markets.
    Protheragen-ING Lab provides expert advice on product registration, data requirements, labeling, and safety assessments. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest regulations to ensure that your products meet all necessary standards.
  • Product Development and Formulation Support
    If you are developing a new pesticide or fungicide product, Protheragen-ING Lab can provide valuable support and guidance. We offer formulation development assistance, compatibility testing, stability studies, and active ingredient concentration optimization.

Fig.2 Product Development and Formulation Support

Advantages of Protheragen-ING Lab's services

  • Expertise and highly qualified professionals.
  • Customization of effective methods to specific requirements.
  • Prioritization of safety and compliance with all relevant regulations.
  • Environmental sustainability and protection of biodiversity.
  • Customer satisfaction is a top priority.

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