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Protheragen-ING Lab understands the critical role that Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) play in ensuring the safety and efficacy of products across a wide range of industries. We are a trusted and reputable GLP service provider. With a strong commitment to quality and compliance, we offer a full range of laboratory analytical services in the areas of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, pesticides, and biocides. Protheragen-ING Lab is committed to assisting our clients in meeting regulatory requirements and helping them achieve their scientific and technical goals with the highest standards of scientific integrity. We have established a comprehensive quality management system based on the business philosophy of customer focus, technology as the core, and quality as life. Continuously providing quality services to our customers is what we have been striving for!

Key Facts

Our laboratory team consists of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in GLP and related fields, possessing a wide range of specialized knowledge and skills. We bring scientific expertise, technical knowledge and a deep understanding of regulatory requirements to every project.

Our laboratory facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and technology to perform a wide range of complex analyses and tests in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, pesticides and biocides.

Our team is committed to adhering to the standards and regulations set by regulatory agencies around the world. By ensuring the accuracy, repeatability and reliability of our laboratory operations, we can provide our clients with high-quality data and results.

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