Drug Lead Optimization

Drug Lead Optimization

Drug lead optimization is a critical stage in the drug discovery process where compounds initially identified as potential drug candidates are iteratively optimized to enhance and improve their efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetic properties. This process involves a combination of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and drug metabolism expertise.

Protheragen-ING Lab offers a comprehensive drug lead optimization service designed to accelerate your drug discovery program and maximize the potential of your lead compounds. With our experienced team of medicinal chemists, pharmacologists, biologists, and drug development experts, we offer a range of customized services to optimize lead compounds into promising drug candidates.

Fig.1 Drug Lead Optimization

Importance of drug lead optimization

  • Enhanced potency and efficacy: lead compounds are modified to increase their binding affinity and activity at the target site, thereby enhancing their potency and therapeutic effect.
  • Improve selectivity: Improving the selectivity of lead compounds ensures that they primarily interact with the intended target and minimizes off-target effects.
  • Optimize pharmacokinetics: Optimize the pharmacokinetic properties of lead compounds to ensure adequate exposure and desired drug concentration at the target site.
  • Enhanced safety: structural modifications to minimize or eliminate undesirable properties such as toxicity, side effects, and drug-drug interactions while maintaining efficacy.
  • Mitigation of metabolic disadvantages: lead compounds are optimized to minimize metabolic disadvantages.

Protheragen-ING Lab's drug lead optimization capabilities

We are committed to partnering with you to accelerate your drug discovery journey and convert promising lead compounds into successful drug candidates. Below are our lead optimization capabilities:

  • Medicinal Chemistry

Our expert medicinal chemists utilize cutting-edge technologies and computational tools to set up modifications to the chemical structure of lead compounds, exploring a variety of structural modifications and chemical strategies to enhance potency, selectivity, and pharmacokinetic properties.

  • Structure-Action-Relationship (SAR) Analysis

SAR analysis helps to identify key structural features associated with the activity of lead compounds. This knowledge guides the design of analogs with improved potency and selectivity.

Through advanced computational modeling and SAR studies, we decipher the complex relationship between chemical structure and biological activity, guiding rational compound design and optimization strategies.

  • Computational Modeling and Design

We employ computational techniques such as molecular docking, virtual screening, and molecular dynamics simulation to predict the binding affinity of lead compounds to target sites and guide rational drug design.

Fig.2 Medicinal Chemistry Studies

We provide a comprehensive assessment of absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity (ADME-Tox) properties to ensure that the safety and efficacy of lead compounds meet regulatory requirements.

Our pharmacokinetic studies, including ADME analysis, help identify and optimize lead compounds with desired pharmacokinetic properties, such as increased oral bioavailability, reduced metabolic burden, and appropriate distribution profile.

  • Toxicology Studies

We provide preclinical toxicology studies, including general toxicology and genotoxicology, to assess the safety of lead compounds, identify potential risks, and guide dosage selection for further development.

Our in vitro assays assess the pharmacological effects, mechanism of action, and efficacy of lead compounds in relevant disease models, guiding further optimization.

Our regulatory experts facilitate the regulatory approval process by providing guidance and assistance in preparing regulatory submissions, including Investigational New Drug (IND) applications and interactions with regulatory agencies.

Why choose us for your lead optimization program?

  • Experienced professional team and a full range of support and services.
  • Customized services and comprehensive solutions.
  • Advanced technologies, including high-throughput screening, computational chemistry simulations, and bioinformatics analyses.
  • Strictly follow the international quality management system.
  • Excellent cost-effectiveness.
  • Flexibility and responsiveness.

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